In 1894 five cycle clubs (Birmingham, Liverpool, Barnsley, and Bradford) formed the National Clarion taking the "Clarion" name from a socialist newspaper of the day. In the late 1890's the "Crewe Clarion Cycling Club" was formed .

The second club to emerge in the area around 1920 was “Crewe Wheelers Cycling Club” their Albert Crimes (pictured  above) was a prolific record breaker and possibly the greatest exponent of the tricycle ever. The late 1920`s witnessed the formation of three more clubs namely “Crewe Falcon Cycling Club”, “Crewe section of Warrington Road Club” and “Crewe Road Club” the latter being the racing section of the local CTC section.

All these clubs thrived through the golden years of cycling and competition between them was to say the least, spirited. With the arrival of the motor car in plentiful numbers, the late 1950`s witnessed the demise of the bicycle as a pleasurable means of transport and club membership suffered. By 1968 only two clubs remained, the Clarion and the Wheelers, to ensure the continuity of cycling in the Crewe area members from both clubs met and agreed to amalgamate and “Crewe Clarion Wheelers” was born.