Club Runs

Sunday 09:00 - 15:00 Club run from Aldi, Nantwich Road, CW2 6BP


Typically 60-85 miles at 14.5-16mph. Expect to be out most of the day, returning home by approx 15:00. The club usually heads to a cafe 30-45 miles away into the prevailing wind. After a lunch stop, the club returns home, hopefully with the wind behind us helping to push us home. 

As a new member you will not be left behind. Club members will help you to keep up and will ensure you do not get lost. Should any mechanical issues arise, many hands will be available to assist you. If you cannot make the full day or don't think you can ride that far then you can join us and turn back part way, retracing your route home. Completing half day rides will help to build your stamina and confidence in preparation for the longer distances. If you are new to the area and are unsure if you could find your way back please discuss this with the group before the ride begins.

These rides are held every Sunday, all year round. If you can ride 35 miles at 14mph+ on your own then you are ready for this.

Tuesday, Friday, Sunday 10:00 -15:00 club run from Hickory Smokehouse, Shavington, CW2 5AF

Typically 40-60 miles at 13-15mph. Expect to be out for a good part of the day riding at a slightly slower pace than the 09:00 club run. 

The mid week rides are extremely popular with our retired members who know pretty much all there is to know about cycling, including where the best scones are to be found. Expect a warm welcome, a good days riding with great company and great routes, expect to have cake, expect a "no drop" policy.

3rd Party Insurance

Insurance can be a slightly dull topic but is extremely important, please read this section before joining us on a ride.

Training Rides

Photo courtesy of Des Evans

Sunday 06:30-09:00  Training ride from Aldi, Nantwich Road CW2 6BP  - Summer Months only

Are you an early bird? Do you have family commitments that make it difficult for you to get the miles in? Are you in training for longer rides and want to get more miles than the club run offers? If the answer is yes to any of these then a ride, nice and early on a Sunday morning could be just the ticket. Several club members, for various reasons, are out on the road at this time. Meet up at 06:30 for a quick 40 mile ride getting back to Aldi for 09:00. From there you can either go home, slide back into bed before you've even been missed, or if you're up for it, join either the 09:00 training ride or the 09:00 or 10:00 club runs if you wanted. Plenty of options to suit all. 

Sunday 09:00 -12:00 Training ride from Aldi, Nantwich Road CW2 6BP - Summer Months only

During British Summer Time the club meets for training rides for those that would rather ride a shorter and faster ride than the normal club run. Expect to ride 45-55 miles and the speed to be higher, typically 16-18mph+ so from a 09:00 start you should be home and showered by 12:00. The training rides start from the same location as the club run so you can change your mind on the morning if you wish, or just catch up with other club members before setting off.  Expect the riders to re-group at the top of climbs, expect them to try to drop you in the last 10 miles back home as the pace gets faster, expect them to talk about you on Strava and Facebook!


Crewe Belles

First Saturday of the month during British Summer Time, 10:00 - 14:30. Ladies only ride from Queens Park

Cycle clubs have traditionally been very male dominated. CCW has a proud history of high achieving female riders and looks to actively encourage and support female riders in all aspects of club riding. 

During British Summer Time the club organises a ladies ride on the first Saturday of the month, leaving Queen's Park Cafe at 10:00am. 

Several female club members will ride with you on a pre-determined route with a cafe stop and a strict "no drop" policy. They will be able to support you and answer all of your cycling and club related questions.


Group Riding

For those new to club cycling, riding in a group can sometimes seem rather daunting. When riding in a group it is usual to ride in pairs and observe certain rules which are important for the safety and enjoyment of the ride. There are good reasons for this. Riding in pairs is more sociable, you can talk to the person next to you, and:

  • It makes cycling easier, the person in front “slipstreams” you meaning less effort on your part, particularly into a headwind.
  • It helps ensure everybody stays together so riders don’t get dropped.
  • It makes it less likely that riders at the back get caught at traffic lights and roundabouts.
  • It makes it easier for those at the front to communicate with those at the back and vice versa.

Ladies Ride Calendar


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  Join us for a day of cycling, camaraderie and cake