AUDAX - Long Distance Cycling

Audax are long distance rides that have to be completed within a certain time limit. 

Usual distances are 100km, 200km, 300km, 400km and 600km and usually you have to maintain an average overall speed of 15kmph-30kmph (9-18 mile per hour) including all stops. 

To complete the route you have to prove you were at certain places between certain times, so for example you might have to check in with a controller at a certain place and he will sign a card to say you were there, alternatively you might have to go into a shop and buy something to get a receipt with a time and place on it. 

The club has several members who are active randonneurs and the club currently boasts six Super Randonneurs (who have completed a 200km, 300km, 400km, 600km ride in the same season). There is plenty of experience in the club so if anyone is interested in getting into long distance cycling, you only have to ask, I guarantee that we can answer nearly all your questions.


CCW - Audax Calendar

There should be CCW riders on all the events listed in the calendar below. There are literally hundreds of audaxes organised by individuals and clubs throughout the year all around the UK. Club members usually get together to synchronise their diaries for the following season so that they can ride and support each other

The club aims for a strong club presence (over twelve riders) at the following local events: Tour of the Berwyns and CCW's Ruthin 200. If you are interested in seeing how far you can ride then there is the knowledge and support within the club to give you the absolute best chance of success.

To see all the audaxes organised by Brandon this year please follow this link 

Full Audax Calendar

For a full list of all audax events from 50km to 1,200km all across the UK then click on the box below

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Events are usually listed on the clubs Facebook Group page nearer the time.

There is an active whatsapp group for coordinating attendance at events. If any club members want adding to the group please contact Brandon Edgeley